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Chocolate Experience in Downtown Newark

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Restoring Light Yoga

Located in the Historic Downtown Newark Area, our Fully equipped private gym and yoga studio is one of a kind. Your Personal health and happiness is our Goal.Restoring Light Yoga and Yoga Therapy is commited to Yoga and Serving our Community.Offering all levels of classes to all types of people. Whatever your Yoga needs are, you will find it here. Beginners to Advanced Rope Classes, Private Group Session, and Private Personal Sessions. Seniors and Pre Natal. Classes for Weight Loss, Chronic Pain. and Cancerand the Only Studio to Offer Yoga Rope Wall in State.

About Us

Mission Statement

The Downtown Newark Association believes that Newark’s Historic District has yet to see its most relevant and prosperous moment in time. A dense collection of architecturally significant building stock, Downtown Newark once was a center for shopping, entertainment, and dining. Our mission is to preserve the historic nature of our city while readapting the usage of the district to fit the needs of our community today. By working collaboratively, we have the opportunity to create a thriving specialty shopping and entertainment district that is fuel for economic development that extends citywide.

  • Create memorable events.
  • Drive awareness for downtown community.
  • Attract ammenities for downtown living.
  • Connect community through meetings and programs.
  • Enhance perceptions of the historic district.
  • Preserve history while driving future.

Visit Downtown Newark

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Where to Eat

Downtown Newark is home to many great dining locations from Italian to Americana and more.

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Where to bank

Learn where to keep your money downtown. Newark is home to many fine banks. Check out our selection.

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Where to Worship
and Organize

Downtown is location to many beautiful churches with a variety of denominations and organizations to help yourself and your businesses.